30% Tax Credit Reduction

See how much you can save your business by going solar!

It Makes Sense

With the cost of solar panels at an all-time low, businesses of all sizes are investing in solar energy. Solar energy is an excellent pro-business and pro-community option for commercial operations.

Available Tax Credits

The federal government offers a 30% tax credit (with no limit) until December 31, 2019, along with accelerated depreciation. Utilities, local financial institutions and municipal governments have also begun to offer various incentives that make owning a solar power system more cost effective than ever.

Energy Bill Decrease

Going solar allows a commercial customer to pay for itself after only 6-7 years. If financed, this can lead to immediate earnings due to tax credits and accelerated depreciation.

Company Commitment

Going solar gives your employees and customers an incite on the type of company you are, which is one who cares about preserving the future of the many generations to come.

Renewable Resource

Once you become a solar customer you will start to understand all the benefits of energy conservation and energy production as well as a drastic, yet beneficial change to your electric bill.

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